harth food trucks


The Problem

Owning a restaurant or food truck can cost thousands of dollars without the promise of success; not to mention that current food trucks are just outfitted box trucks or delivery vehicles.

These trucks don’t offer a way for customers to stay and enjoy their meal if they want.



Food trucks and hawker centers are typically entities that are extremely proficient in only one or two specific dishes as noted in case studies of HK Soya Sauce Chicken Rice(Michelin Starred hawker stall) and Big Bon Pizza (Food truck with unique brick oven attached).

A specific problem food truck owners have is that there are not enough hours in the day to take care of all of the prep work, operation, and clean up of their vehicles.

If the owners only had to prep and operate their vehicles they would have more time to focus on what makes a food truck successful; the food.


The Solution

Allow food truck owners or speculative owners the ability to rent autonomous customized food vehicles from a depot much in the same way hawker centers of Southeast Asia.

This business model allows the food truck owners the ability to run a truck for however long they feel necessary to establish themselves. The owners get the freedom of just showing up at the truck, prepping, and cooking.

Not only that but the trucks lift up on a rack and pinion system that allows customers to dine underneath the vehicle.

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